Back From Singapore (2008-11-26)

We are back lah!

I'm still in my Singapore trip mood, hence the Singapore accent.  I love to hear Singaporeans talk, they add a lot of "ah" and "lah" and "mo" to the end of a sentence or question which always make me giggle.  Local Chinese also have a funny way pronouncing many English names which can be hilarious.  I'll never forget the way a Chinese man I overheard saying the name Harvey Norman in Suntec City Mall.  He said it "夏-Fee-Nor-蚊", hehehehehehe. ^_^

I think the person who made English the official language in Singapore is a brilliant politician.  This way, the four major ethnic people who live in Singapore have to learn and use English as the administrative language and no one will get jealous of the government favoring a particular ethnic group.  Basically all Singaporeans communicate in a second language (English) amongst themselves and it works, although it is very strange to see two local Chinese speak to each other in heavily accented English.  I had no trouble communicating with Singaporean Chinese in Cantonese or Mandarin while we were there which makes the trip extra enjoyable.

Okay, kinda digressed a bit there.  Anyway our trip was wonderful except that KL fell ill the day before we left and had to see the doctor.  It's a slight case of flu and it didn't dampen the trip too badly.  Besides, the insurance company paid for the consultation and medication fully which made this trip's travel insurance totally worth it, hahaha!

The food we ate in Singapore was generally yummy (pronounce as "蔭-me") and we ate so much Chinese food that we had Chinese food coming out of our ears by the day we left Singapore!  Thinking back on all the meals we had, we were shocked to find out we ate chicken rice four out of seven dinners!  It certainly wasn't planned but somehow our feet just gravtitated towards chicken rice restaurants or stalls...

As small as Singapore is, we ran out of time to see places and of course to eat!  If you live in a city with good Chinese food (lucky you), you may not find this city state too special, but for us in Tokyo, Singapore is like a mini Hong Kong full of excellent Chinese bbq and Chinese grocery stores, and I LOVE it!

Journal begins tomorrow.  You wanna read it mo?

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