Cat Nextdoor And Sad News About Mama Cat (2009-10-09)

There are very strict rules about keeping a pet in rented properties in Japan.  If the privilege is not stipulated in the contract, keeping a pet is strictly prohibited.  Therefore tenants in our complex just don't pay that extra rent or walk that extra distance to the station by not keeping a cat which is allowed by the landlord. 

Our new nextdoor neighbor moved in with an adult cat which is as shy as Efoo.  I only had a quick glimpse of its back when I brought over some brownies.  Last week, I saw its face from their upstairs balcony! 

On another note, I saw Mrs Y the other day and she told me Mama Cat whom I had not seen for a long while passed away in August.  Mama Cat was at least 4 years old which is double the average life span of a stray cat.  May she rest in peace.

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