Burdock Fritters (2011-09-25)

Burdock (gobou) is very high in fiber and full of nutrients.  It's a natural remedy for constipation (for me anyway).  It also has a unique fragrance and a delicious flavor.

Burdock is a root and is tough.  There are many ways to prepare it but I like it fried the most.  As usual, the ingredients in my savory recipes are approximate.  Use more flour (just keep the ratio correct) if the texture looks too wet and vice versa.  The most important thing is let the fritters set in the pan before flipping them. 

You can never make enough crunchy burdock fritters, they are that good.

Ingredients:  One skinny burdock root, 2Tbs flour, 1Tbs corn starch

Burdock Fritters

  1. Scrape the outer skin of the burdock root using a knife.  Rinse.
  2. Grate the root with a box grater, keep grated burdock in vinegared water until you finish grating the whole root.
  3. Rinse the grated burdock, squeeze dry with both hands.
  4. Mix flours with burdock.
  5. Shallow fry small flattened lumps of grated burdock in oil, 3-4 minutes each side on med heat till very crunchy.
  6. Season to taste.

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