Star Treatment For Renewing Our Insurance Policy (2005-01-08)

Last month KL made a phone call to the insurance company to enquire about renewing our Home Contents Insurance.  The company sent an employee to our apartment the next day and renewed the policy with us in person.  The polite staff arrived on time and knelt on the entrance area to do the paper work and collected payment.  Even after living in Japan for five years, I'm still surprised to receive this kind of personal service and attention.

We used to have to go to the insurance company in Sydney and wait in long lines to get our insurance done.  And when I reached the counter, often times I had to deal with less-than-enthusiastic staff. (I suspect one can do it online and via mail nowadays)  But to have someone come all the way to our house to attend to a policy worth a mere US$75 a year?  May be every customer is a Nicole Kidman or Russell Crowe to our insurance company.

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