An Early Summer Day Out (2005-06-24)

Last weekend we went to Inokashira Koen park in Kichijoji (kanji) because we just wanted to take a stroll there on a lovely sunny early summer day.  No, not really.  We went there because I had a weekend reduced rate train ticket which I had to use up before it expired in less than a week.

Anyway the day was more than warm, it was hot!  But that didn't deter the hordes of families, street performers, hawkers, kids and dog walkers etc that filled the park.  We saw a lot of people in paddle boats and rowboats on the river.  There were also people on the bridge feeding giant koi, ducks and turtles in the water.  Happy chatting and laughters surrounded us and it felt very festive and joyous.

I am glad we went there and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.  No, not really.  I would've been happier spending the day at home instead of sweating like a pig under the hot sun in the park.

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