Stop-Rain Doll (2005-07-03)

Rainy season, though shortlived, can be pretty annoying.  What with the constant drizzling, washing doesn't get dried, the streets get messy, kids can't play outdoors, and even dogs are cooped up in the house.

Japanese have a unique way of praying for the rain to stop.  They make a doll out of a ball as its head and drape a white piece of fabric over it for the body and hang it in the balcony.  The doll is supposed to chase the rain away and invite sunshine.  Children also like to hang the doll before a sporting game to ensure good weather for the event.

I know there is a name for the doll, but I can't remember what it is.  Anyway this year's rainy season is unusually short, perhaps because people were hanging the stop-rain dolls all over the place?

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