The Restaurant In Seinfeld (2005-12-01)

I had never been to a real diner all those years living in the US and I finally went to one here in New York.  And it's none other than the diner in Seinfeld!

Tom's Restaurant is everything I expected a diner to have: booths with cushioned backs, counter with cake stands on it and waitresses who wear uniforms and an apron.  You even pay like George by leaving the tips on the table and tender your bill at the register.  It's all very fun!

There are Seinfeld memorabilia and caricature on the wall which are interesting to look at if you happen to be a Seinfeld fan.  Our waitress was a nice lady who let us take her picture.  Eating a hamburger and an apple pie there would have been perfect for our visit, but due to time constraint we had to settle for breakfast which is still a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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