Puck Burger 2 (2007-01-05)

I liked the burger at Wolfgang Puck so much that I insisted we go back for lunch less than a month from the first visit.  KL suggested I order something different just to see how the other stuff stacks up. 

Him: Won't you try something new?
Me: No.
Him: You are boring.
Me: I am smart.
Him: I'm ordering something new.
Me: I'm not sharing.

He of course HAD to be different and ordered the day's special: Cajun Chicken Sandwich which comes with fries and soup or salad.  I didn't taste his sandwich but he said there was no evidence of Cajunness in the Cajun Chicken.  The bread looked soft but proportionally unbalanced for the small but thick piece of grilled chicken.

My Classic Puck Burger was as tasty and juicy as the last one I had but just a tad overcooked.  It's still very good though. 

Me love a good burger!

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