Hainan Chi-Fan, Le Boulanger Dominique SAIBRON (2009-05-29)

Learned about Hainan Chi-Fan several months ago, only just tried it out despite wanting to do so for a long time.  Afterall, I've been making Chicken Rice at home and I believe mine is not that different from what's served out there in Tokyo.

I mostly just wanted to check out how authentic the Chicken Rice the shop claims it to be, I didn't expect much.  Having eaten it, I think it is the closest to the real thing as I ever got in Tokyo.  The rice was fragrant, the boneless thigh meat was moist and succulent and the sauces tasted the same as those served in Singapore, namely Chatterbox's.

After lunch, we wandered around the perimeter of the building and got the very famous baguettes from the equally famous Le Boulanger and made ourselves a Banh Mi sandwich for dinner.  I loved the filling of the sandwich, but not so much the baguette.  It's rather tough and thick for me.  Oh well.

Hainan Chi-Fan     B1/F, Akasaka Biz Tower.  To get there, Akasaka Station on subway Chiyoda Line has direct access to the building.

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