Serlina And David Came To Tokyo (2014-11-11)

My younger sister Serlina and our brother-in-law David visited Tokyo in late Sep/early October.  They spent the second half of their trip at our place.

We spent everyday shopping! (they weren't interested in sightseeing)  We treated each other meals, bought food for each other, gossiped about weird people we saw on the streets etc, we had a blast!

Efoo freaked out during their entire stay (although he was able to relax just a tiny bit on the last day right before they left Tokyo), we had to close the bedroom doors to stop him from hiding under the bed or up in the loft. 

The first day went like this: I met with them after they checked out from their hotel and we spent the day in Ginza (kanji).  Lunch was at Aux Bacchanales and afternoon tea at a cafe in Matsuya department store.

Then KL met us for dinner in Shinjuku (kanji) before we all headed home.  The first day went so quickly!

Dinner photos will be up tomorrow.

Caffe Chianti   6/F Matsuya department store, 3-6-1 Ginza

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