MT Is Back! (2007-06-15)

Just when Mama Cat and her two kids (Sacca and Neegau) started to desert us, guess who made a return after a long long absence?  A cat from Mama Cat's first litter!  She was born in September 2005 and used to come to our balcony and played (You can see her as a kitten in the last two photos in this entry).  When we came back from holiday that following month, her two siblings were nowhere to be seen and she was the only one left.   Eventually she disappeared too.

Then eighteen months later, she suddenly appeared in our balcony out of the blue!  Where was she the past year and a half?  How did she survive?  Did someone adopt her?  And why the perfect timing?  It's as if she's here just to replace Sacca and Neegau.

We call this cat Mau Tsai which just means small cat in Cantonese.  I'm not sure if she'll stick around this time, but as long as she shows up meowing for food (about twice everyday lately), she'll always get it. 

Welcome back, MT.

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