I Made Real Laksa... I think (2007-08-18)

With the help of the Laksa mix from my sister Serlina, I think I made real Laksa last night and not that hodgepodge of a soup and coconut cream creation.  This instant mix calls for only three ingredients-- coconut cream, chicken and bean sprouts-- making it very convenient to prepare.

I followed the packet instruction pretty closely but made some minor changes.  Instead of using a packet per bowl (per serving), I used it for two thinking the soup would be too salty with an entire packet per person.  I also used chicken stock to boil the chicken (as suggested by Serlina) instead of plain water, that of course added some sodium level to the soup too. 

The end result is fantastic.  The soup's fragrant, seasoned just right for our taste and full of coconut creaminess.  When I was eating the noodles, I suddenly thought how good the Laksa mix would make a pot of curry chicken!  It's already got so many aromatics like galangal, shallots and shrimp paste in it, all I need to do is add curry powder, onion, potatoes, chicken and coconut cream and that should make a delicious meal.  Can't wait to try this FAKE curry chicken.

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