Tea Gift (2007-09-02)

My friend gave me some tea that she brought back from Taiwan.  The High Mountain Tea is gooooood!  It tastes like a cross between Oolong and Bo Lay (a Chinese tea Hong Kongers drink a lot in dim sum restaurants), we finished the entire pack in three weeks.

The Flower Tea is a whole 'nother story.  It tastes like some sort of mutant sour juice!  Wait, that's not entirely true.  It tastes 500 times worse than mutant sour juice with a tartness that can forever pucker your lips and annihilate your taste buds.  Who drinks this stuff?? 

My friend warned me that I might not like the taste which she described as "a BIT sour", just a bit?  So, as per her instruction, I returned the pack (minus a teaspoon of tea leaves) to her. Perhaps the Flower Tea is one of those weird foodstuffs that require an acquired taste which I obviously lack for many other normal food.

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