My Migratory Computer (2004-07-12)

There are two air conditioners in our apartment, one downstairs and another one in the tatami room upstairs.  In summer our bedroom where we have the computer feels like a sauna.  The internal temperature of my computer usually climbs up to about 84C if left in the room even with a fan blowing full force at it.  The heat build-up then crashes my computer all the time and could eventually kill it altogether.  KL says my computer is like a migratory bird.  Every year around July it moves from our bedroom to the cooler downstairs' dining area to escape the brutal summer heat. The dining area is at least a good 5C cooler than upstairs even without air conditioning.  So in summer off it goes. 

Just one slight inconvenience from the arrangement: with my computer, KL's laptop, Daifoo (Yes, we allow him to jump on the table when we eat) and all those dishes and food, the dining table can get a little too crowded at meal time.

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