Efoo's First Bath (2010-02-08)

We had Daifoo for almost 18 years and apart from the few fleas he had when we first got him from the pet shop (a bath took care of the problem), he never had one single flea in his life.  He roamed freely in the backyard in Sydney and took numerous walks to the park and in the car park here in Tokyo and there was no flea problem.

Efoo's been living with us for a few months only and took walks for about half a dozen times and shock shock shock, I saw a flea run across his belly one day!  We gave him a bath immediately and killed five while I was drying him.  He's now put on Frontline Plus and will stay on it for several more months just to be sure.  Needless to say, I no longer take him outside.

Poor Efoo, his outdoors life is over before it even begins!

Statistics: Total number of fleas killed: 12

               Disappearance of flea poo-the indication of presence of fleas-after using Frontline Plus: one week.

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