Jean-Paul Hevin In Shinjuku (2010-05-05)

We ate the heavenly chocolate cake from Jean-Paul Hevin in Omotesando (kanji)Hills before, this time I wanted to try the branch on the basement level of Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku (kanji). 

If you love chocolate, you must not miss the chocolate cakes from them although getting into the store means you probably have to wait in line, but it does move pretty quickly.  The intense chocolateness (is there such a word?) and the dark and rich mouthfeel of bitter chocolate whipped into the cakes will make any chocoholic swoon.

I got the same one I ate three years ago which tasted just as decadent and rich and chocolatey although the price has gone up.  KL's orange and chocolate cake was great too, but mine's better!

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