Cacao Sampaka (2010-09-09)

There seems to be ever growing number of chocolatiers emerging in Tokyo.  Either Japanese love chocolate or there are just many wealthy Japanese who don't care how much they spend on chocolates.  Cacao Sampaka is yet another high-end artisan chocolate maker I discovered recently.

Imported from Spain, this maker has been serving the royalty for many years.  The only shop in Japan so far is located in ultra-posh Marunouchi (kanji).  The shop is small with limited number of chocolates in the counter like jewels being displayed.  Photography is prohibited (don't you hate stores that do that?) but you can take a look at the picture on their website.

KL and I didn't go there to buy chocolates (we are quite happy with the less expensive brands), we went for their icecream.

They only serve one kind of icecream: chocolate (of course) in a chocolate cone.  At 450Yen/US$5 a pop, it's less expensive than we thought. 

However, the taste was disappointing.  For an icecream made by a renowned chocolatier, it's completely lacking in intense chocolateness.  Even the cone had nary a chocolate taste.  I think a $1 Glico (the company that makes all those yummy Pocky) Giant chocolate icecream cone tastes far better and much more chocolatey than Cacao Sampaka's!

Cacao Sampaka      Marunouchi Brick Square 1/F, Chiyodaku, Marunouchi 2-6-1  Tel:3283-2238

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