Tacos Pizza (2005-10-26)

After that wet and limp pizza rip-off, I needed some real thing-- the crispy kind-- to make up for that bad experience.

Pizza Hut just put out a new flavor for the Fall season--Tacos Pizza.  Delicious tacos served on a pizza?  How great is that!  Naturally we had to try it. 

Our order came with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and chedder cheese on the side for us to sprinkle on the pizza which was topped with taco spiced meat and melted cheese.  It's just like eating tacos on a very crispy crust, it rocks!

KL and I polished off the entire tacos pizza plus some of the super supreme pizza which we also ordered.  Both pizza was a billion times better than that monstrosity from Salvatore.  Finally a pizza meal to be thankful for.

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