Cherry Blossoms (2006-04-04)

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom everywhere now in Tokyo.  We could go to popular viewing spots such as Ueno (kanji) Park and Kudanshita to look at the spectacular blooms, but then there'll be the horrendous crowd we have to battle with...that sort of takes the poetic romance out of the experience.

This year I have gone to the shrine--Myohoji--in our neighborhood to take some pictures of the few large cherry trees inside the compound.  I got there around half past eight in the morning and it was so quiet inside.  There was just a handful of elderly people sitting quietly on the benches enjoying the picture the sakura blossoms provide. 

I found my spot to take the photos but stood for a while to enjoy the view before I started snapping away.  The cherry blossoms were beautiful against a clear blue sky.  Birds were chirping above my head somewhere and the air was crisp and fresh.  There were a few people around me but no one made a sound.  It was a wonderful tranquility as sakura viewing goes that Ueno Park and such could never give you.

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