Kitten Pictures (2006-06-21)

Yeah, I'm a sucker for taking photos of cats.  Now that there are five adorable kittens who come to our balcony everyday that I can't help but snap their pictures! 

These kittens are incredibly playful and will dive into anything I throw into the balcony.  I've scrunched up several pieces of paper to make balls for them to chase around and ultimately tear to bits.  I dangle a piece of string in front of them and they go crazy trying to catch that.  Sometimes they even go in mad circles to catch their own tails, these kittens just love to play.

Last week I stacked a couple of boxes together, cut a few holes on the sides to make windows and doors and placed them in the balcony.  The kittens have been having a great time in there.  They ambush each other through the holes, jump up and down on the different "floors", and nap in the "rooms".  They are more fun to watch than most of the shows on TV.

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