Gray Cat (2007-06-29)

A gray cat which belongs to a family up the street visits our balcony a lot.  She doesn't come for food (she's obviously a well-fed cat), she comes to sniff around.  What she wants to do is smell the scent left by other stray cats (oh yes, we get some returning customers frequently including a tabby one you see in one of the pictures on this day) in our balcony. 

This cat is pretty fearless and loves to roam.  Recently she spent an afternoon napping in our balcony upstairs.  How she got in there will always be a mystery because there's no access into the balcony from the second floor.

I wanted to watch her finish her nap and leave so I could find out her route into the balcony.  But her family walked past (and somehow looked up I suppose) and saw her.  I was in the tatami room upstairs watching the panicky family trying to coax her down, all the while the cat just lay there comfortably uninterested in her human friends.  Finally the little girl from the family rang our doorbell and came inside to "rescue" their beloved pet. 

I'm hoping the cat will get "trapped" in our balcony again.  I still want to know how she gets in it.

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