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You must be tired of reading all those Hong Kong blogs by now.  Yawn no more, we are back to talking and posting pictures of Japan today.  I still miss Hong Kong a lot, afterall it's a place I grew up and know like the back of my hand.  So a couple of days ago I went Yum Cha with my girlfriend in Shinjuku (kanji) so that I could relive the moments in Hong Kong.  The dim sum wasn't as good as the real thing but it'll have to do for now.

Half way through the meal, a mother with a baby in a pram was seated next to us.  My friend being crazy about babies asked her if she could hold it.  I was wide-eyed and completely embarrassed because I believe it is an infringement on people's privacy.  To my surprise, that lady said yes and handed her the baby.  Once she even left it in the care of us, two complete strangers, and went to the restroom.  We could have been baby kidnappers for all she knew, luckily for her we weren't.

My audacious friend propped the baby up in her lap and immediately launched herself into baby talk.  In the following half hour, she cooed over it, tickled its face, rocked it and even gave it a taste of her dessert using her spoon.  She was having the time of her life while I was praying up and down "please don't let that baby cry".  It didn't and was well-behaved the whole time.  I was relieved when my friend finally gave the baby back and we three started to chat.  Turned out the lady was educated in an international school for seven years and spoke good English.  We exchanged contact details before she had to leave.  A new friend was made just like that.

My friend and I stayed in the restaurant just before they closed for the afternoon.  We spent a brief time shopping before we parted.  I went to Shibuya (kanji) to take a few photos and did some grocery shopping and went home.

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