Lalaport At Toyosu (2008-04-15)

Lalaport is like the Westfield Shopping Mall in the west.  There is a Lalaport in Toyosu, one in Minamifunabashi, one in Yokohama and there could be more outside Tokyo.  Anyway we went to the one in Toyosu recently.

The place is made up of several buildings and features the usual mall components such as cinemas, restaurants, a large grocery store, shops etc.  There's also a dog run (for a fee) outside a pet shop and lots of people were walking their dogs that day.  I enjoyed looking at them more than people.

There's a "No Photography" sign on every single entrance door so I couldn't take shots inside the mall freely.   I did sneak in a couple of photos though but feeling like I was committing a crime or something doing it.  What's so special and secretive about Lalaport?  Compared to the huge-ass malls in the USA, Lalaport is peanut.

How to get there:  Get off at Toyosu Station on subway Yurakucho Line or you can take a boat from Odaiba (kanji) and get off at the pier outside the mall.

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