Homemade Iron Eggs (2008-06-24)

The iron eggs gift from Taiwan are really easy to make.  This is a recipe I devised after several attempts.  By making your own, you can control how rubbery the white is by adjusting the cooking time.  I find that 50-55 minutes give the best chewy white without them being too leathery.  I made another batch for my friend per her request after her son really enjoyed the first lot.  And he's already put in a third order!


40 hard boiled quail eggs
Soy sauce 4 Tbsp
Dark soysauce 1 Tbsp
Dark brown sugar 1.5 cup
Star anise 1
Water About 1 liter

1.In a medium sized pot bring everything to a boil, then simmer on very low heat for 55 minutes stirring constantly.

Hint: Toward the end of cooking time when much of the liquid has evaporated, the eggs may start to pop and explode if the sauce gets too thick and bubbly like lava.  Just add a bit more water to the pot and continue to simmer till the 55 minutes is up.

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