Breaking News (2008-07-11)

We interrupt this program for the announcement of KL's job situation.

Three weeks after KL is officially unemployed, he received a job offer!  The deal was signed, sealed and delivered in the last week of June and he starts work next week.  As usual, I can't disclose the name of the new company cause IT companies tend to be a bit sensitive about their employees (or families) blogging about their work.  What I can tell you is that like the old one, it is also an American company which means KL can dress casually to work (no suit), YAY!

Although it looks like KL found a job relatively quickly, this is not the case.  He's been in contact with employment agents and sending out resumes weeks before his last day with the old company.  He had been studying hard in May for a management exam to "upgrade" his CV, but mostly to make the test date in late May (and passed) so that the company would pay for the 600-buck test while he's still under their employment, haha! 

Under the current climate of the economy, KL is very very very lucky to have found a job compatible with his old one.  Now let's hope he can get through the three-month probation period.

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