Crabber House (2008-10-24)

KL ate at Crabber House with colleagues a few times and thought I'd like their famous crab fried rice, so he took me there one weekend. 

The restaurant is easy to find as it's located in the alley right next to Gaienmae Subway Station.  The menu is very small including a few set meals and some appetizer like dishes, but most people who go there just want their fried rice.

I'll admit their fried rice is the best tasting I've had in Tokyo but not better than some of the very good ones in Hong Kong.  The rice was not greasy, clump-free and had a slight but distinguishable smoky flavor from high heat wok frying.  KL ordered the scallop and spinach spaghetti set which tasted a little fishy to me.

Crabber House 蟹漁師の家            Minatoku, Kita Aoyama (kanji) 2-7-17 Aoyama Sky building 3/4F    Tel: 03-3470-0773    Close Sundays and public holidays

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