Unusual Vegetables (2009-01-07)

The two kinds of veggies I came across at a produce shop are interesting.

Firstly, the dark purple broccoli is really unusual in Tokyo.  Out of curiosity, I got one and find the flavor disappointingly normal which I knew it would be.  Furthermore the color fades during cooking and some florets became the color of the usual green broccoli.  I hope the purple kind does have more nutrients for costing twice as much as a green broccoli.

Secondly, there're these baby hydroponic komatsuna (Japanese mustard greens).  They taste the same as the bigger kind, just more tender.  Being baby and grown hydroponically and all, you'd think they cost more than the normal komatsuna.  On the contrary, they're HALF the price of the fully-grown ones.  I guess Japanese housewives aren't used to the concept of hydroponic vegetables, thus leaving them alone, thus keeping the price down which ultimately benefits me.  Wahahahaha!

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