Lunch At Manshige (2009-04-03)

Porta underground shopping complex underneath Kyoto Station is where we had lunch.  Kyoto is well-known for its tofu and fresh tofu sheets, it's almost a crime not to have at least one meal eating them, so we had our lunch at Manshige, a restaurant specializing in Kyoto cuisine using tofu.  Their flagship restaurant is located somewhere far, but the branch in Porta is perfect for us.

As with all classic Kyoto style Japanese cuisine, presentation is important.  Dishes come in tiny portions beautifully arranged.  KL's set featured heavily fresh bamboo shoots which are in season while mine had a variety of typical dishes.  I liked them all except the namafu which is made of flour and water and has a texture of chewy mochi.  It's very filling and bland, that's why a classic way to cook this is to smear salty miso on it and grill.

After lunch, we headed to Gion, a place we missed going on our last visit to Kyoto.

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