New Favorite Pots (2010-03-19)

KL is a generous man when it comes to buying me things such as cosmetics, skin care products or clothings etc.  In fact he discourages me to shop at cheap places and has constantly offered me name-brand handbags and clothings which I almost always decline (he keeps asking me if I want a Rolex and I have told him numerous times I don't need one). I'm not chasing after a product for its name only, but if the quality is exceptional, I'll consider it regardless of its name.  I will eventually accept a Rolex (because I believe its craftsmanship is superb) from him but not until my current watch dies.

And dining out?  He is more than happy to buy me any meal at any restaurant I choose, be it a $100 (p/p) or $300, he won't bat an eyelash taking me there, as long as I name the place.

But then, there's this problem: my favorite shopping is not name brand bags or clothes or silly jewelry, I LOVE KITCHENWARE and he won't buy me most of the stuff I ask for!  Okay, to be fair, I did ask for a dehydrator, a freezer, a meat slicer and a Kitchenaid which are all bulky products.  I can understand (but not truly accept) his reason for refusing my request (crowding the apartment).  But even cheap kitchenware gets the no-no from him which sort of leads to today's subject.

You see, we have two ramen bowls which get crazy scorching hot when filled with hot soup and there're so many times I nearly dropped it on the way to the table.  I've been looking for decent-sized ramen bowls with handles until I found a gorgeous set of enamel pots/bowls.  A mere US$34 and the poop-face he'd been showing me every time I brought up the question "When can I buy two bowls to replace our ramen bowls?" was unbelievable.  I eventually bought the set but they are the result of round-the-clock nagging!

This is what baffles me: he can splurge a few hundred dollars on me easily but soooo reluctant to let me buy cheap new bowls.  What the hell?!

P.S. For those who live in Japan, I bought the set from which carries a lot of cute stuff for the kitchen.

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