My New Bike (2004-08-25)

KL bought me a bicycle recently from a shop he found online.  He made the payment late at night on a Sunday on the internet and the bike was delivered to us the following Tuesday morning, service was incredibly fast.  Doing business with Japanese firms has so far been one pleasant surprise after another.

Anyway the bike I picked for myself is a Peugeot Colibri 16.  It is small, dainty and light, weighing only 9.8 kg.  The handlebars can be folded back which makes the bike quite compact in storage.  I fully intend to keep the bike inside the apartment not so much for security concern, but I don't want it to be exposed to the elements.

Although my bike is lightweight and small, it seems harder to steer than KL's big bike due to the much longer head stem ( the part that connects the  handlebars to the steerer of the fork).  It may take me a while to be good at riding it.  But practicing on it is no trouble at all, I like cycling.

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