Microplane Foot File (2010-09-20)

Warning: Today's pictures include an ugly cracked heel photo, don't click on the above picture if you're gonna be grossed out.

I have disgustingly dry and cracked heels (the curse of middle age).  I had been hesitating to get the Microplane foot file despite its splendid reviews because I was worried that being a Microplane product, it might cut and scrape my heel like a cheese grater!  I finally overcame that fear and bought one.

Of course the foot file doesn't cut the skin (otherwise Microplane would've had to pay through their nose in law suits).  On the contrary, it's easy to use, files beautifully, and removes dry cracked skin efficiently.  I considered showing a picture of the grated cheese-like skin collected in the file, but I don't want you to hurl.

I got mine from

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