Garlic House Restaurant (2006-02-13)

KL and I recently went to Ninnikuya Goemon on the 12th floor of Takashimaya (kanji) Dept Store in Shinjuku (kanji) for lunch.  The restaurant is specialized in garlic cooking and has quite a few chain stores throughout Tokyo.

I like garlic, but I don't go crazy about it.  Just that the lunch replica outside the restaurant looked so appertizing that we decided to give it a try and forgo other cuisine. 

The food turned out to be not so good.  The Korean style seafood hot pot rice we both ordered was not hot at all, and certainly not sizzling like it should be.  Thus the all-important crispy bottom was nowhere to be found and the rice was overly seasoned.  The Korean seafood pancake was doughy and oily, a deadly combination which results in a taste that even the accompanying somewhat tasty dipping sauce couldn't salvage.

Our lunch cost about US$30, but it's 30 bucks wasted.

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