This Raisin Bread Rocks (2007-01-24)

KL went to Ogikubo to get cereal and picked up a random loaf of raisin bread from Kobeya bakery in the station's food section area.  I'm glad he did cause it was THE BEST RAISIN BREAD EVAH!!  It's so good we ate a couple of chunky slices right after dinner as dessert which is unusual for us since we never eat bread after a meal!

Well, technically speaking, the bread isn't really bread. In fact I have no idea what it is.  Its inside is veeeery light and fluffy (not the usual bready texture) and its crust is thin and crispy.  Underneath the thin crispy shell is several layers of flakiness that break/fly off effortlessly between your teeth as you bite into them.  Soooo good. 


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