A Trio Of Plant Things On A Ball Of Moss (2007-02-05)

Our neighbor in the back gave me a special plant for the New Year.  Its New Year-ness is evidenced by that red curly decorative thing on the plant, that's what makes it totally festive. 

The plant is unique.  It does not live in soil or water like all plants do, this one which consists of a trio of leafy bulbous life form the size of brussel sprouts perched on a ball of MOSS just sits on a cute little blue ceramic dish.

Where does it get the nutrition to sustain life?   How does it live?  My neighbor told me to dip it in water for three seconds every three days and the bulbs will flower.  Wow, I can't wait to see that.  That is if I don't kill the plant with malnutrition or dehydration first.

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