Sergeant Chicken Rice (2007-02-13)

Sergeant is rumored to have the best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Hong Kong, so I insisted we try it out.  (You know how I adore chicken in Hong Kong)  It is a little shop located on the third floor food court of Taikoo City Plaza.  KL and I were one of the first people to arrive at the clean and spacious food court, there were no lines at any of the stalls and we took our time to browse.  All of them looked incredibly delicious but our stomach could only hold so much, so Sergeant it was for us.

A set meal gives you a plate of chicken with cucks and tomato, rice, soup, vegetables and sauces for HK$48/US$6.  We chose the Set Meal For Two which is the same thing but even cheaper at HK$80/US$10.  The chicken was unbelievably moist and tender and DEBONED which makes it very easy to eat without having to spit out bones.  The slightly fragrant rice did not taste oily and the soup wasn't the bland broth one gets in noodle shops.  There's an unmistakable taste of ginseng and chicken in the soup and I loved it.

KL didn't think Sergeant's chicken was worth the great review it got and certainly not destination eat.  If you and your friend happen to be in City Plaza, US 5 bucks each is not a bad deal for that meal but trekking all the way to Taikoo just to have their chicken is something he won't do again.  But I think their chicken (and rice and soup) is worth going back for.  If I was in the area, or maybe even a few MTR stations away, I would make an effort to eat there again. 

The other stalls, particularly the Chinese BBQ, the Hunan Noodles and Steamed Soup Dumplings, are all begging for me to go back to City Plaza to try.  Perhaps next time.

Sergeant Chicken Rice      Food Republic (food court)  Shop308 City Plaza,  Taikoo Shing  

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