Treats Are Good (2007-04-03)

We bought a couple of cakes for dessert.   We have been cutting down on sweets since WE ARE GETTING FAT.  But sometimes you need to treat yourself or there'll be no fun living.   Since most cakes don't appeal to me, if I find that rare one I like, I don't want to deprive myself of that tiny piece of pleasure (okay, so may be not that tiny).

It is at times when I struggle about eating dessert but worry about my expanding waistline that I think of my brother.  He is pole skinny and has been skinny most of his life (I say "most" because a recent photo of him shows he's not as a size zero as he used to be).  He eats all kinds of junk food and sweets but remains thin.  Either he has a fantastic metabolism or he is a walking worm fest.  I suppose this world needs people like him to balance out people like me who puts on weight just by inhaling air.

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