Guinea Fowl (2007-07-30)

We've never had guinea fowl before so we ordered one online to find out if we've been missing out.  I don't know the first thing about cooking the bird so I reckon I just grill it using the simplest seasoning so as not to mask the flavor of the bird.

I sprinkled salt, pepper, a bit of garlic powder and Ex VOO on the fowl's surface and put it in a pan before placing it over charcoal with the lid on.  I don't know the time or temperature needed to cook it and was too lazy to google it.  After 90 minutes the charcoal died down and that's when I figured the bird's done too.

The bird was indeed fully cooked with the legs done perfectly but the breast verging on a tad dry but not too bad.  The guinea fowl definitely didn't taste like chicken but not quite like a duck would taste.  It has a mild gamey flavor which I find interesting. 

Now that we've tasted guinea fowl, our curiosity is satisfied.  I don't think I'll be paying three times as much as a chook to get it again.  I'd rather eat duck which costs the same.

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