Discount Ticket Shops (2004-07-08)

It is expensive to live in Tokyo but there are ways to reduce cost if you know how.  One of them is to do your shopping at discount shops.  I go to Ueno (kanji) to buy cheap grocery and I go to ticket discount shops to buy tickets.  These shops sell all sorts of tickets such as movie tickets, train tickets, department store gift vouchers and even phone cards.  I always get our Keisei Line tickets from these stores to go to the airport.  Since they are valid for six months, we can use them on our way back to Tokyo as well.  The price on these tickets varies but I can count on saving twenty to thirty percent off those tickets sold at the train station in Ueno.  Sometimes you don't get that much of a saving on other tickets, but like my friend says, "If you can pay a hundred yen ( about a buck) less, why the heck not?"  When you're watching the budget, every cent counts.

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