Picnic In The Park (2008-11-05)

This weather is perfect for a picnic.

Temperature: 20C (68F), clear blue sky, low humidity, slight breeze.

Place: Inokashira Koen in Kichijoji (kanji)

Food: From Lonlon in Kichijoji Station, roasted chestnuts from Nakajima just outside the station exit, and bread from Le repas

Truth be told, except for the sausage baguette and the chestnuts, the rest of the food was meh.  And I tell ya, it is darn hard to eat from flimsy cases without a table while trying to stop packaging from being blown all over the place by the breeze while also trying to flick away fallen dead leaves, twigs and whatnot from your food.  The idea of "picnic in the park" is romantic, in reality, not so much.

The cost for our picnic spread is US$30, money we could have spent on a decent restaurant lunch.  HOWEVER, the enjoyment from sharing freshly roasted chestnuts with KL on a beautiful Autumn afternoon is priceless.  We will absolutely be having a picnic again in the same place, but next time, there'll only be sausage baguettes and roasted chestnuts.

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