Canovietta Again (2009-05-25)

Revisited Canovietta and just found out from their website ( (kanji)/index.html) their chef is that shy one I saw on TV before, so there you go.

This time, we ordered the same B Course at the same price.  Perhaps my expectation was too high, this time I was totally underwhelmed.  The pasta was very mediocre and the pork chop passable.  What's worse, the dessert wasn't that mindblowing caramel gelato with crunchy candied almonds, we were served a small glop of tiramisu.  Thank goodness it didn't have any unpleasant mascarpone-induced cheesy dairy taste, just very deep coffee flavor.

However, one breakthrough did occur.  I ate raw fish!  Not only did I tolerate the fish carpaccio, I actually LIKED it!!  Wow, first time I didn't think the texture was weird or the taste fishy.  Perhaps the extra virgin olive oil the fish was soused in was just superb or the fish incredibly fresh.  Either way, KL was very impressed with me, ha!

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