Miyazaki Food (2010-02-10)

Was food shopping in Shinjuku (kanji) and wandered into a Miyazaki Specialty Store.  Since Miyazaki is famous for their mangoes (they sell for US$100 EACH in high-end stores), I got a box of cookies that contain mango cream.

The wafer-thin cookies come individually-wrapped (of course) and very crunchy.  The cream sandwiched between is surprisingly soft but disappointingly not tasting mango-y.  It reminds me of passionfruit or tropical drinks.  Oh well, for five bucks a box, can't expect too much.

The food shop is a good place to buy souvenirs and there's also a restaurant annex where one can sample some local dishes using Miyazaki products.

To get there, the shop is easily seen at the start of Shinjuku's Southern Terrace which is diagonally acrossed from JR Shinjuku South Exit.

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