The Louvre (2010-12-07)

After the satisfying lunch, we decided to go to the Louvre.

We arrived just before 3pm and the security line was short.  Then we went underground and the ticket line was a breeze to queue, a total of 2 minutes.  When we asked the ticket lady how late it was opened, she said till 10pm.  Plenty of time, goodo!

Suddenly at 515pm, there's an announcement saying the museum would close in 30 minutes!  Well well, if you can't trust the staff that sells you tickets to the museum, who do you trust? Certainly not the guide book (which we neglected to check the listed opening hours) that says it's opened till 6pm (still off, but not way off).

Anyway, we could've stayed a bit longer although our legs were dead tired by then (from days of non-stop walking).  I think three hours is a pretty good time to spend in the Louvre, you can pretty much cover the most famous pieces within that time frame.

Please refer to my theory on choosing which exhibits to take photos of in the British Museum post, otherwise enjoy the tour with us! 

P.S. There are five must-see exhibits, do you know them all?

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