Very Large 100-yen Shop (2005-05-17)

The 100-yen shop in Machida (kanji) has got to be the largest one I have ever seen in Japan.  It is 5-stories tall with each floor occupying a vast area, it looks more like a department store than just a shop.  The building itself actually has six floors, the basement level of which is a supermarket and is not part of the 100-yen shop.

The shop is situated diagonally across Tokyu Hands store on the pedestrian level in Machida, and the large metal arch near the shop is an eye-catching landmark for those looking for the store.

The 100-yen shop is so huge that they carry more merchandise than you can imagine.  They sell anything from bras (Yes, a buck for a bra) to batteries.  Like the other 100-yen shops, don't expect top craftsmanship and quality in their merchandise, afterall you do just pay a dollar for them, although many items are clearly worth more than a buck (I don't know where they get their supply of some tools and kitchenware from, but many pieces look like they cost much more than a dollar to manufacture). 

Machida's 100-yen shop also sells limited items for over 100 yen a piece.  In the bag section there are some rather pretty and sturdy tote bags for three or four dollars each.  I have also seen $10-walking sticks on the second level.  If you have the patience to look at every aisle on every floor, you will find non-100-yen items tucked away in some shelves.

Well-stocked 100-yen shops like this five-stories one is a good place for people on a tight budget to buy household items.  My kitchen is still full of goods that I bought from a 100-yen shop when we first moved to Japan.  A very good bargain I must say.

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