The End Of A Legend (2006-07-13)

It is sad to see football legend, Zinedine Zidane, end his career--World Cup 2006 Final--on a sour note.  I'm not talking about France not winning the trophy, although that's a big shame in itself; but the fact that he was red carded and thrown out from the game made it a regrettable way to finish his last career football match.

There are rumors of that Italian player Marco Materazzi saying racial slur or calling terrorist-related names at Zidane, but head butting his opponent was never the answer to the problem (well, at least not in front of the referee and over a billion viewers worldwide anyway).  He has no one to blame but himself. 

I have always liked Zidane, he is a truly gifted footballer.  If he had not lost control of his temper and used his noggin on more pressing matter such as scoring a header goal for France, or even just hanging on till the penalty shootout, the outcome of the Final could've been very different.  He could've then thumbed his nose at Materazzi and sneered, "la la la la la la".  Many people would have been happy to see that, I know I would.

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