Christmas Greetings (2007-12-25)

KL took this whole week off!   He has quite a bit of annual leave accrued, so he needed to use some up. In addition to the week when the company closes for the Christmas/New Year break, KL has a whopping two weeks off.  He's been totally enjoying it, he loves staying home and do nothing!

I ordered a ham online 2 weeks ago, I think the last time I cooked one was 5, maybe 6 years ago.  This is the first time I saw a smoked bone-in spiral ham on the internet.  There is only one brand to choose from--Farmland-- nothing fancy, but I'm happy it's even available to begin with.  I didn't get the ham for Christmas, it's just that it is only sold at Christmas.  I wish they could continue with its sale throughout the year so we can eat it any time we like.

Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate this holiday.  If you don't, have a happy day anyway!

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