KL Saved MT And 2dau's Lives (2009-04-26)

First of all, let's take a refresher on MT's face when she's healthy.

About two months ago, she showed up with weird tracks on her head and gunky black skin around her chest which we thought strange. As time passed she just came and went periodically.  Then, several weeks ago, she came to our balcony looking like Frankenstein!!!

HER FACE WAS A MESS: eyes couldn't open from the thick pusy gunk around them, the track marks on the head deepened, there were black stuff all over her neck and chest, thick colonies of boulder-like crusts caked on her ears, and her legs and parts of her body were losing lots of hair.  What's happened to her in the blink of an eye?!

I honestly thought she's a goner, so severely diseased that she's beyond repair.  I even consoled KL that the time has come for Mother Nature to take her to cat heaven.  But KL is not a quitter and he just could not watch MT suffer a painful and (literally) ugly death.

Since MT is very docile and easy to capture, he grabbed her and rushed her to the vet.  Surprisingly, the vet said it's scabies and relatively simple to treat.  At the early stage, one injection is enough to cure an infected cat, but since MT was so far advanced in her condition, she might require 2 to 3 shots.

After two injections in a space of two weeks, MT is possibly cured.  We'll have to wait and see if her hair grows back and her face returns to normal, a third injection is still pending.  KL is the hero in this incident!  Wait, but there's more!

2dau, who is the best buddy of MT, was beginning to scratch constantly and also has patchy hair loss around his face and neck too!!  Now this is a big problem 'cause he is very wary of human and growls and hisses and attacks!  Even if we wanted to take him to the vet, it would be impossible to catch him.

Once again I consoled KL we'd have to let him go (I'm EVIL).  And once again, he said he just couldn't watch any cat die from being eaten alive by parasites.  He insisted we try to catch him which we successfully did!!  He was shockingly easy to lure into the carry case and then he just walked right into a washing net once we opened the door.

The vet said he's at an early stage of infestation and one shot should be enough which I certainly hope so because I don't think I can catch him a second time.  But then again, if we have to do that, KL will think of a way to catch him 'cause he's a determined hero with a huge heart. 

KL, you really did save MT and 2dau's lives.

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