New Plants (2009-05-21)

After the Stupid Gardener plucked out our blackberry, the soil had been looking bare and sad.  We left that bit of space empty throughout winter as cold weather is not a good time to start growing a berry plant.

Just last week, our replacement for the blackberry arrived from a store in Osaka that I found online.  This time we've decided not to grow blackberry (although we like to eat the fruit), and settled for a boysenberry plant which according to wiki is a cross between raspberry and blackberry.  Blackberry plants are widely available but boysenberry plants are very rare in Japan.  When I stumbled upon them, I knew I had to grow one. 

I also got a blueberry plant at a farmer's market to grow in a pot.  With three different berries in our little "front yard", we'll be the envy of our neighbors, haha!  (if they fruit...)  (^_^!)

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