A Visitor For Efoo (2011-05-15)

My hairdresser came to visit me recently, oh wait, that's not quite right.  She came to visit Efoo!

She is a big fan of Efoo and said she wanted to meet the cat in person, so I invited her over.  I warned her that it would take time for our useless and timid Efoo to get used to her.  At the end, Efoo never really got used to a stranger's presence in the house and basically freaked out the entire time.

At first Efoo would hide in the loft (attic) upstairs, so I had to stand by the laddar to stop him from going up there again after he made the mistake of coming down.  Then I had to just shut the door to the room altogether and he had no place to go but to stay downstairs.

My guest was able to pat Efoo at the end and barely held him for me to take her pictures.  Efoo, you're an embarrassment to your fan!

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