New Cat Toilet (2011-09-20)

The traditional clump type cat litter does not work out for Efoo as tiny pieces of moist litter get stuck to his fine soft long hair around his penis.

The new toilet is made like a seive over a tray lined with an absorbent sheet.  The litter is more for the purpose of satisfying a cat's need to "bury" their excretion than anything else because the litter is waterproof. The pee simply goes right through the "sieve" onto the sheet underneath.

If you have a cat, you'll understand how stinky their pee smells.  But thanks to Japanese technology, the litter as well as the absorbent sheet completely absorb the smell and leave no trace of stinky cat pee.  When the sheet is saturated, it becomes gel-like and gets heavy.

With the new toilet, there's no more messy cat pee balls to scoop, all I have to do is change the sheet once a week and replace the litter once a month.

Why did I wait so long to switch to this wonderful litter box?

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