Visiting Cat (2005-05-15)

We had a mysterious cat stop by our apartment a few months ago.  It spent a short time just sitting on top of our upstairs balcony's roof when I was only able to glance at its up-side-down legs through the opaque cover.  Recently it returned to the same spot. 

Daifoo must have heard its footsteps and begged to be let out into the balcony (how did he hear the cat through thick glass doors??).  Once he was out, he became very alert and stared at the roof.  I followed his stare and saw our little visitor again.  This time it peeked from the opening under the roof and gazed at me with big curious eyes.  When I whipped out my camera to take its pictures, the cat looked at the camera with horror and fled.

Once again I scared the living daylight of an innocent animal with my camera which must look like the world's deadliest weapon to them.  I'm so sorry about that.

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